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Open Letter : The truth will convict a silent church

(Free tract for downloading, printing and redistribution; A5 folded into A6 in booklet format)

YouTube Video: Planned Parenthood Supporter vs. Christian

Sermon: The Culture of Death by Marc Monte

In this sermon Mark gets down to the real reason why people have abortions. This also includes a strong message to the body of Christ for today.


Stephanie Gray is a noted prolife advocate who runs an excellent blog amongst other information on her website – Click here to continue.

Abortion is not the solution to the problem; it is the elimination and execution of a human being, perceived to be the problem. A pregnant woman is accurately described as “woman with child”.




Graphically awakening the consciousness – follow the link below to the Grantham Collection



Peter_BabyIsTo expose lies lift up truth (Charles Spurgeon)